Transform Your New Manager into an Authentic Leader of High-Performing Teams.


Workshop for New Managers, Summer, 2024

The New Leader Lab™ workshop transforms new managers into authentic leaders of teams.

Participants design their 90-day leadership plans by applying tools, systems, and frameworks from the workshop.

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Participate in the Summer, 2024 New Leader Lab for Managers.

Discover what's included in this comprehensive program:

Comprehensive Workbook and Materials:

Gain access to a comprehensive workbook, thoughtfully crafted exercises, and valuable resources

The workbook will serve as a practical tool to bring back to your team, enabling you to implement the systems, tools, and frameworks that you learn.

90-day Plan

Craft a tailored and impactful 90-day leadership plan using our comprehensive framework.

The leadership plan is designed specifically for new managers.

Coaching Sessions:

With "Workshop Plus", take advantage of two follow-up coaching sessions

Follow-up coaching allows you to refine and finalize your 90-day Leadership Plan with the guidance and expertise of a seasoned coach.

Book Selection:

Receive two carefully chosen books with "Workshop Plus".

Each book is individually selected to suit your specific needs and interests, further enriching your leadership journey.

New Leader Lab for Managers is designed for:

Newly Promoted Managers Who:

  • Lack awareness of fundamental management and leadership principles.
  • Struggle with the necessary skills to effectively lead their teams.
  • Face challenges in earning the respect and trust of their team members.

Previous Top Performers Who are Now New Managers and:

  • Previously excelled in their roles but are now grappling with the demands of a managerial position.
  • Feel overwhelmed by managing their workload while also leading a team.
  • Experience frustration due to underperforming teams and not meeting expected results.
  • Seek guidance and strategies to become more effective and successful in their management role.

Transitioning Managers to a New Management Role and:

  • Anticipate transitioning into a management role within the next year.
  • Desire to cultivate confidence in making team decisions and taking ownership of their new role.
  • Look for direction and guidance to navigate the challenges of their new managerial position.

The Schedule

Embark on a transformational journey from manager to leader of high-performing teams. Our agenda is designed to develop and refine your leadership skills:

Day 1

Lead Yourself and Guide Your Team

Discipline 1: Master Self-Leadership
Discover the keys to effective leadership by leading yourself with intention and purpose.

Discipline 2: Chart the Course for Your Team
Craft a compelling team vision and foster a culture that aligns with your shared goals.

Establish Performance
with Priorities and Decisions

Discipline 3: Drive Performance and Prioritization
Set clear performance goals for your team and prioritize tasks to maximize productivity and results.

Discipline 4: Empower Decision-Making
Equip yourself with valuable tools for making confident decisions and empower your team to strengthen the decision-making process.

Day 2

Foster a Culture of
Communication and Accountability

Discipline 5: Cultivate a Culture of Communication
Cultivate an environment where open and effective communication thrives, fostering collaboration and teamwork within your team.

Discipline 6: Master Delegation and Accountability
Learn to delegate effectively and hold team members accountable, ensuring tasks are accomplished efficiently while fostering growth and ownership.

Build Bonds and
Chart Your Leadership Path

Discipline 7: Build Strong Team Relationships
Nurture meaningful relationships within your team, fostering trust, collaboration, and engagement, leading to heightened performance.

Map a 90-day Leadership Plan
Construct a personalized 90-day leadership plan tailored to your unique aspirations and goals, providing a roadmap for continuous growth and development.

New Leader Lab for Managers

All enrolled participants qualify to attend any New Leader Lab™ program. 

These qualifications maintain the integrity of the program and ensure a positive experience for all participants.

An impactful and results-oriented experience is a priority for all of our programs.

If you are unsure if you meet the requirements or would like to discuss the details of your situation, please schedule a conversation.

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All managers must meet one of the first three criteria plus the last criteria:

  • Directly manage two or more people.
  • Be in their new manager role for less than two years.
  • Be on the path to being promoted to a new manager role within the next twelve months.
  • Want to attend the workshop and are willing to learn. This workshop does not work for managers who are sent to the workshop if they feel that they don't need it.

New Leader Lab for Managers

Enrollment Options

All registrations are a one-time investment. See below for details of each option.

Group discounts are available for three or more participants from the same organization. Schedule a conversation with Christopher to discuss.

Workshop Essentials

  • Full access to the entire 2-day workshop program.
  • Receive a carefully crafted workbook that includes templates and materials that will guide you through interactive exercises, allowing you to refer back to your progress and insights in the weeks, months, and even years to come.
  • Create a robust and tailored leadership plan using proven tools, systems, and frameworks that will empower you to take decisive action and achieve accelerated success over the next 90 days.
  • Get opportunities to work on your leadership needs and answer questions unique to your situations in a small group environment.
  • Enjoy a delicious catered lunch while connecting and networking with other like-minded professionals.
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Workshop Plus

Everything already included in Workshop Essentials, PLUS:

  • Two follow-up one-on-one coaching sessions designed to polish your draft leadership plan from the workshop.
  • Follow-up sessions refine and perfect your leadership plan and offer personalized support to present a polished plan to your manager setting you up for success in implementing your plan.
  • Receive two carefully selected books, chosen specifically for each participant, to deepen your knowledge and expand your perspectives on leadership.
  • Open access with unlimited text/email after the workshop to address newly surfaced situations.
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Cohort Premier

Everything already included in Workshop Essentials and Workshop Plus, PLUS:

  • Attend 12 group coaching sessions (2 per month for 6 months) after attending the workshop to go further with deep-dive content and additional materials.
  • In each session, a participant sits in the "hot seat" to work through a unique in-the-moment situation. 
  • Complete a 360° online leader assessment.
  • Receive an objective personalized leader assessment report with highlights and prioritized opportunities to focus on future leadership development with confidence.
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Executive Experience

Everything already included in all previously mentioned options, PLUS:

  • Personalized one-on-one coaching (virtually) once per month to address your specific situations each month and identify the best course of action with every session.
  • Schedule two observations where the facilitator observes your performance in meetings, presentations, pitches, etc., and receive detailed debrief feedback with recommended actions. 
  • Select from all Authentic Leader™ topics a full and customized training program for your team. 
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What Participants Say

Testimonials from participants of past public programs.

Tiffani Norris

Senior Loan Officer,
Village Bank

"I cannot say enough good things about what Chris is doing and I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to be a part of this experience."

Brad Strouse

Location Managing Dir. & Sr. Event Producer,
East Coast Entertainment

"This summit surpassed my expectations.

As a new manager, I especially appreciated the opportunity to ask immediate questions about real-life situations.

I'm referencing my notes and the workbook materials that I received at the summit frequently."

Will Hopkins

VP of Operations,
Reliable Payments

"The summit provided me with the framework I have been looking for and that fits how I lead my team.

It helped that we had a small group so that we could receive one-on-one attention about real-world examples."

Mindy Flanigan

Chief Inspiration Officer,
Inspiring HR

"Fantastic presenter, but an even better facilitator.

Chris, you kept the event warm and collaborative, which was key to keeping me engaged and reflective."

Amy DuFour

Director of Marketing,
Capital Ale House

"I liked the accountability of having to put things in writing, be specific, and create a timeline."

Mary Foley

Business Coach,
Mary Foley

"What makes Chris' programs and coaching so powerful is that he LIVES authentic success every single day!

I've taken his course, I've received his coaching, and I've observed his actions over time.

He is truly authentic in everything he does and he's always aiming for his - and your - best success!"

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