Attn: Managers of First-Time Managers

Summit for Your First-Time Managers, February 2023

The two-day summit for your first-time managers to create a personalized 12-month management and leadership plan that applies tools, systems, and frameworks using 7 key disciplines.

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What Will Participants Recieve at the February 2023 Summit?


Access to the two-day summit that includes hands-on experiences and exercises to help first-time managers to apply new skills in a safe environment designed to set them up for success.

Personalized Plan

Apply a framework for first-time managers to create a personalized management and leadership plan that fits them and serves their teams.

Follow-up Sessions

Receive 2 follow-up coaching/debrief sessions to polish the first-time manager's management and leadership plan and establish momentum on their way to team leadership success.

Curated Books

Receive 2 curated books that first-time managers can immediately apply to the current career stage.

Who Is a Fit for this Summit?

Your Newly Promoted First-Time Managers

May not be equipped with management or leadership principles.

May lack fundamental skills to lead their teams.

May have yet to earn the respect of their teams.

Your Previous Top Performers Who are Now First-Time Managers

Excelled in their previous role but struggling now in a management role.

Are overwhelmed with their work volume while managing their teams.

Are not producing (or underperforming) expected team results.

Feel victimized for not thriving as a manager.

Your Transitioning First-Time Managers to a New Management Role

Transitioning to a new management role (within the next 90 days).

Growing more confident in team decision-making.

Seeking direction and instruction from others to perform their management role.

What's Included?

  • 2 day workshop focused on setting first-time managers up for success.
  • Limited to a small group to provide personalized learning and support.
  • Workbook, materials, and exercises designed as tools to bring back to the manager's team.
  • Catered Lunches.

Day 1

Discipline 1: Leading Yourself
Fundamentals of leading yourself well to effectively lead others.

Discipline 2: Setting Team Direction
Setting the team's direction and establishing culture.

Discipline 3: Establishing Goals & Priorities
Establishing team goals and setting priorities.

Discipline 4: Confident Decision-Making
Applying tools for making confident decisions and pushing decision-making to the team.

Day 2

Discipline 5: Culture of Communication
Setting a culture of intentional communication.

Discipline 6: Implementing Delegation and Accountability
Implementing a delegation strategy and holding others accountable.

Discipline 7: Building Relationships
Establishing team relationships that increase performance, build trust, and engage the team.

Mapping a 12-Month Plan
Creating a personalized management and leadership plan

First-Time Managers Summit

Limited to 10 First-Time Managers

February 2023

  • Workbook for note-taking and as a resource for future reference.
  • A personalized 12-month management and leadership plan.
  • 2 curated books personalize to immediately apply.
  • 2 follow-up one-on-one sessions after the summit to debrief and create momentum.
  • Hands-on experiential exercises that are transferable to their team.
  • Proven tools, systems, and frameworks ready for immediate implementation.

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Why I’m offering the First-Time Managers Summit

Hi, I’m Christopher,

In my first-time manager role, I was asked to resign. I had failed as a first-time manager. I was embarrassed and frustrated. 

How could this happen? Even before graduating, I got a part-time job in a fast-growing technology world headquarters. After graduating, I was hired full-time. Over the years, I was promoted to several new roles and eventually promoted to a manager role.

I remember being excited to finally be able to be the boss. I also remember thinking, "how hard can it be to manage a team?" I've worked for some really terrific bosses and some horrible bosses. My really terrific bosses made it look so easy and my horrible bosses almost seem to try to be terrible. 

It wasn't so easy. I struggled to gain respect from my team. When I finally left that company, I felt horrible and questioned if I was management material. 

I promised myself two things. 

#1 That I would never feel like that again.

#2 That I would learn what it takes to effectively manage and lead teams. 

I later discovered that I was leading how I thought my boss wanted me to lead. I was pretending to be the kind of boss my boss was to me. I was being inauthentic to my team and to myself.

Since then, I have discovered 7 key disciplines that first-time managers need in order to manage and lead teams successfully. Additionally, since starting my business, Authentic Leader™, for the past 8 years, I have validated these 7 disciplines with my coaching and consulting clients. 

The First-Time Managers Summit is to help first-time managers to get the fundamental tools, systems, framework, skills, and methodology I wish I had more than 25 years ago. 

At the summit, first-time managers will . . . 

  • Learn about the 7 disciplines of leaders and how the disciplines thread together.
  • Identify, what's been holding them back from having greater success leading their teams.
  • Map out a personalized management and leadership plan that creates momentum for implementation over the next 12 months.

I’ll teach and coach on proven approaches and give participants a simple, results-focused framework that goes beyond theory to practice and implement with their teams. Participants will use this framework to write an authentic management and leadership plan and identify actionable strategies to execute their plan with their teams.

That’s why I’m offering the First-Time Managers Summit so managers have the resources to plan and hit the ground running with their teams.


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Included With Your Registration:

Personalized Management and Leadership Plan

Participants will have tools, systems, and a rock-solid personal plan that fits ready to apply over the next 12 months.

Participants will have the confidence to succeed at an accelerated rate.

Supporting Workbook

Participants will receive a carfully crafted workbook to complete during the summit.

The worksheets are designed to refer back in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Follow-up Sessions

Participants will recieve 2 follow-up sessions to polish their draft of their management and leadership plan.

The second session can be used to support first-time managers in presenting their plan to their manager.

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What They Say

Tiffani Norris

Senior Loan Officer, Village Bank

"I cannot say enough good things about what Chris is doing and I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to be a part of this experience."

Carol Taylor

Real Estate Agent

"Chris has a way of sharing information with a group that feels like he is talking directly to me. He is constantly working on improving his knowledge and it inspires me."

Ashley Stefanko

Professional Organizer, Home Reimagined RVA

"Chris was fabulous, relatable, real, casual, knowledgeable, professional, caring, which lead to people feeling comfortable opening up and discussing their issues."

Mindy Flanigan

Chief Inspiration Officer, Inspiring HR

"Fantastic presenter, but an even better facilitator. Chris, you kept the event warm and collaborative, which was key to keeping me engaged and reflective."

Amy DuFour

Director of Marketing, Capital Ale House

"I liked the accountability of having to put things in writing, be specific, and create a timeline."

Mary Foley

Business Coach, Mary Foley

"What makes Chris' programs and coaching so powerful is that he LIVES authentic success every single day! I've taken his course, I've received his coaching, and I've observed his actions over time. He is truly authentic in everything he does and he's always aiming for his - and your - best success!"

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