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Become a master of delegation by understanding why delegation is failing you and what to do to address every delegation issue.

No longer avoid delegating work that's keeping you from higher-level work. Instead, delegate work that consistently meets your expectations, is completed on time or before deadlines, makes room for your higher-level activities, and enjoy leading high-performing teams.

Let's talk about your unique delegation issues and how to correct them.

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Authentic Success Online Course

6-Week online training course to help you lead the most important person on your team, YOU.

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Authentic Leader™ Group Coaching Program

The multi-week group coaching program includes weekly video topics, and live Q&A sessions with me.

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Authentic Leader™ One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching and training to identify your leadership goals, provide just-in-time training, work through your real-world issues, and hold you accountable as you do the same with your team.

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Authentic Leader™ In-House Programs

Custom in-house programs (virtually and in-person) in your organization including leadership workshops, training, and facilitation.

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Authentic Leader™ Keynote

Virtual and in-person keynote speaking on leadership, personal productivity, and team dynamics.

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We will discuss your current delegation issues, what's working, and where you need help.

Authentic Leader Copy

Leading technical teams can be a challenge. It can be especially hard and expensive to you lose the key talent on your team.

If you are a Leader In Tech, I want to help you prevent that from happening to you.

You are invited to join us live every Monday at noon ET for a free live Q&A. Each week we will discuss and take your questions on a new Authentic Leader topic.

Future Topics Include:

  • Strategically Shifting Decision Making
  • Increasing Influence through Communication Strategies
  • Delegation and Accountability Without Conflict
  • Leading Yourself Well so that You Can Lead Others
  • Establishing Team Goals that Motivates Your Team
  • Increase Performance, Build Trust, & Engage Your Team
  • Strategies to Effectively Give and Recieve Feedback
  • The Leader vs. Manager
  • + much more