Authentic Success Online Course

Leading others starts with leading yourself. Develop a self-leadership plan that authentically first you.

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In this course, you will . . .

Gain Clarity

what has been holding you back from achieving your biggest goals and how to overcome them.

Reveal Insights

why past goal-setting and planning haven’t worked for you and create goals that fit you.

Access Proven Approaches

for results-based goal-setting and achievement for you to create a plan that fits you.

Create Your Working Plan

what you want to accomplish, have, and become in the next 12 months.

End Your Frustration

of not achieving your biggest and most audacious goals.

End Competing Priorities

not finding the time to do the important tasks to drive your work and life to a new level of success.

End Doubt

questioning whether what you have been dreaming about for your life will ever happen.

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  • 6 Module Online Course
  • Worksheets With Each Module
  • Proven Tools and Systems Included
  • Supportive Online Community To Address Your Questions with each Model
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All The Tools You Need

To Create Your Version of Authentic Success

This online course is designed to go at your pace. Each module is revealed as you go through the course.

Worksheets are designed to help you create your personal plan, systems, and routines that fit you.

Inside the program is an online community with others who are in the course to ask your questions (and get answers).

Hey, Chris, What's Included?

  • Each module is 30-40 minutes long.
  • Each module is available on-demand.
  • Watch and learn when it is most convenient to you.
  • Engaging with the nearly 3½ hours of value-packed content.

Course Content & Getting Started

Welcome to Your Authentic Success! - What's Coming Up

Module 1:
Identifying Your Aspirations and Overcoming Obstacles

Goals and Priority Management

Module 2:
Creating Authentic Goals That Fit You

Module 3:
Confidently Manage Your Time

Systems That Fit You

Module 4:
Productivity Systems That Fit You

Module 5:
Tracking Your Progress

Wrap-up and Next Steps

Module 6:
Summary, Plan Review, and Continuing Momentum
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Why I’m offering the Authentic Success Online Course

Hi, I’m Chris,

I work with leaders of technology teams to create high-performing teams.

Authentic Success is about leading yourself well first so that you can lead others. We can’t expect others to follow us if we don’t effectively lead ourselves.

That’s why I’m offering the Authentic Success Online Course. I want you to have confidence in how you lead you.
In this online course, you will:
  • Learn effective goal-setting that works for you
  • Identify what’s really been holding you back so you can overcome those obstacles once and for all
  • Create simple strategies to document your progress and insights so you can accelerate your success

I've been studying, applying, and perfecting these very systems and tools for more than 25 years.

Through a step-by-step series of videos and worksheets, I’ll teach and coach on the proven approaches and give you the simple and results-focused framework. You will use this framework to write an authentic plan and identify actionable strategies to execute your plan.

That’s why I’m offering the Authentic Success Video Course so you have a resource to plan and hit the ground running on the other side.


This Online Course If For You, If You're . . .

Included With Your Registration:

Your Plan

You will have tools, systems, and a rock-solid personal plan that fits you and execute your plan on purpose.

You will have the confidence that you can succeed at an accelerated rate.

Supporting Worksheets

You will receive downloadable worksheets that you will complete during each of the video modules.

The worksheets are designed for you to refer back to in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Continued Access

You will have unlimited access to all videos and resources to refer back to as you need.

You will also access updated content as improvements are continuously made to this video course.

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What They Say

Tiffani Norris

Senior Loan Officer, Village Bank

"I cannot say enough good things about what Chris is doing and I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to be a part of this experience."

Mary Foley

Business Coach, Mary Foley

"What makes Chris' programs and coaching so powerful is that he LIVES authentic success every single day! I've taken his course, I've received his coaching, and I've observed his actions over time. He is truly authentic in everything he does and he's always aiming for his - and your - best success!"

Amy DuFour

Director of Marketing, Capital Ale House

"I liked the accountability of having to put things in writing, be specific, and create a timeline."

Ashley Stefanko

Professional Organizer, Home Reimagined RVA

"Chris was fabulous, relatable, real, casual, knowledgeable, professional, caring, which lead to people feeling comfortable opening up and discussing their issues."

Bob Ramsey, CAE

Retired Association Executive Director

"Your Authentic Success Online course gave me the perfect "nudge" needed to get me pumped up for my future. The sequence of lessons coupled with the option to reuse the worksheets, gave me perfect tools to help me draft a new roadmap for my business and life. Having just retired after 50 years of nonprofit management, I now have renewed confidence drawing a business and personal blueprint on how to best use my energy and time in my remaining years."

Carol Taylor

Director of Business Development, Chesterfield Chamber

"Chris has a way of sharing information with a group that feels like he is talking directly to me. He is constantly working on improving his knowledge and it inspires me."

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